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Hello hello.

2009-12-09 17:22:40 by Lavidon

Smash Bros Project finally completed! :D Well, to me, it is EXTREMELY incomplete, I wanted to have a huge epic fight between Coach Krueger and Master Hand, but there was simple NOT enough time. -_-

Oh well. Hope you enjoy. :D Was up til midnight everyday for the past week working on it, so watch it.

It's nice to see how much I've improved over the years. Holy crap. O_O


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2009-12-09 18:11:32

Hello hello hello.


2009-12-09 18:36:13

It was really good.


2010-05-27 21:40:31

por favor desime que EvoBlade no tiene nada que ver con Evo Morales


2011-06-15 23:41:32

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